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About Presents is a really useful app that's designed for all us forgetful people who need help remembering important dates that require us to buy a special gift. This app lets you create reminders to help you make it to the store to buy exactly what you're looking for in time for the special day.

The app is very intuitive and comes with two well-differentiated elements: the list of important dates and the list of gift ideas. This difference is designed so that you don't necessarily have to assign presents to specific events. Instead you can have a list of possible presents and buy them for whatever event, depending on your needs.

The first thing you should do is enter all the birthdays, anniversaries, and any other events that may require you to buy a present. Insert the date, the name and any other detail that may help you to remember what it's about, and don't forget to add a reminder so you can plan ahead. With About Presents you won't ever forget another birthday or anniversary and whenever you get an idea, you can note it down before you forget, killing two birds with one stone.
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